Shipping Costs

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First: We supply until no more product inventory is available. If an item is sold out or not currently available, it appears in the article. Here then is an approximate delivery date is mentioned.

Second: A flat rate shipping within Germany costs € 6.90.

A delivery to Switzerland and Austria including other European countries is possible if the necessary shipping fees are per-„Shipping Additional items“ are added to the order.

For a delivery to Austria incurred subsequent shipping costs:

Once per delivery: € 10.00 flat fees (plus flat 6,90 €) – Please add this product to the cart. – The delivery time: from the date of dispatch to arrival of the goods in Austria can pass quickly up to 1 week. This product is delivered via DHL. We ask you to consider that!

For a delivery in Switzerland and in the world, the shipping costs überige

once per delivery: € 25.00 flat fees (plus flat € 6.90) at – Please add to the cart. For delivery: From the shipping via DHL from Germany, the delivery time may up to 14 days! This is due to the clearance through customs. Please consider the extended delivery time!

You can use the automatic order process by the additional costs incurred by the „Articles“ additional costs for European Countries / Austria or Switzerland to add to cart. Then the invoice amount will be automatically increased by the additional shipping amount. In the ordering process, please contact also the supplier country.

Caution: If the Swiss customs opens the packages, it may still come to pay customs duties, although declared by our side, what is in the package. Through customs, it can also lead to delivery delays. We therefore ask you, especially from Switzerland to give a timely appointment, as we are not liable for this delay.

Orders that are shipped outside of Germany, and not include the additional items the postage costs will not be performed, although an automatic delivery confirmation will be sent by email!

For a delivery within the EU, of course, the same shipping charge will be applied, as in the EU countries Austria.

To get to the fees, please click on the country of delivery – Austria is sep displayed because of this place the most orders and the shipping amount is to be handled more easily.


     DEUTSCHLAND                    ÖSTERREICH + EU              SCHWEIZ / WORLD                           

        fixed 6,90 €                      Click for additional              Click for additional

                                                                total: 16,90 €                        total: 31,90 €

Third: A resale is permitted.

4th: The delivery time to Switzerland from Germany is up to 14 days after payment of the invoice amount. The payment is in advance. The item will be shipped immediately upon credit or cover letter by the bank. We would like to point out that the transfer by the bank may take several days to complete. Items will be shipped only after payment has cleared. Once the order is received, you will receive an order confirmation via email. Upon receipt of the invoice you receive an email with the payment confirmation. Immediately after shipping the goods to you and this is communicated via emal. Information about the delivery deadline is not binding, unless a specific delivery date has been agreed.

5th: Shipping costs: € 6.90 flat rate delivery within Germany! Deliveries to Switzerland and Austria, the above additive – to pay shipping.                                                                 Email :

Shortly after the order you will confirm your order via email and Endkaufpreis called with the appropriate shipping. Only after receipt of the goods will be created and sent.