In the question: When should be delivered?

If the answer is often: The best yesterday!
That will not happen, but we make the impossible possible, almost!
Since supplies of more than 2.400 disposable cameras from the providers about like
China will be made​​, however, the delivery time is at least 16 weeks,
is for one or the other event to long term.

Our solution:

We produce with higher numbers in Germany! Since we are not machined
but produce by hand, we are expanding our wholesale orders
Personnel. Since we in case of need to use up to 10 „production lines“ may,
we are able to deliver large quantities in a short time.

            This of course has its price, but TIME is MONEY!

However, you have the opportunity to realize your plans for it yet, though
You only have a short lead time. For only a little more costs per camera
We produce fast in Germany.

                                  Use our EXPRESS – Service!

In quantities of 2.000 pieces. please discuss with our delivery options
from us!