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                               your disposable camera designed

We are your partner when it comes to self-designed single-use cameras. Most companies require the promotional disposable camera for a promotion, as a gift, for major events and as giveaways. But you might have quite a different occasion, what you intend to use the advertising disposable camera. The requirements for the designed disposable camera are different from company to company and that is also for us as producers always a nice challenge.

                    Our service and speed are our strengths.

With us you have a partner who works uncomplicated, reliable, helpful, friendly and very quality conscious. We want to always try to fulfill all the wishes of our customers ask us.

Why the disposable camera is so interesting as an advertising medium for companies?

  • Advertising disposable camera is not thrown away customers because they can be used.
  • Inexpensive gift for your customers with benefits.
  • The disposable camera as an advertising medium is left to the customer in mind.
  • A disposable camera offers plenty of space for an individual design.


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They still exist, the disposable camera, it has not, despite the triumph of digital photography has lost by its functionality and attractiveness. Primarily as an advertising medium for companies it is very good because it is very inexpensive to produce and can be produced easily in large quantities. Use the advertising disposable camera with your logo, in order to distribute at trade shows or events as a promotional gift. A disposable camera is always equipped with a movie that you can develop inexpensive in many drugstores and supermarkets. After that, the disposable camera is receycelt whose sake environment.

we supply:

Disposable Camera with Flash – 400 ISO film – 27 color images – quality film – New battery – welded individually in plastic wrap – Shelf life at least 18 to 24 months – personal, individual design through paper mask – 1 to 99 pcs. Printing using a laser printer – from 100 pcs. 4/0 – color Euro scale painted on one side with aqueous coating glossy – mask: Chromo GD2 280 g / m².

Customers like to take the camera to as a gift, put them in the car, for example, or to use them when they have forgotten her camera. If you are advertising with the disposable camera a logo
Your company provided, displays it an ideal advertising vehicle if the customer takes a photo, the logo, which is attached to the front of the camera, clearly visible. Please order accordingly. For your next event or for your next event a sufficient number of disposable cameras, so you can provide so many customers and thus make themselves aware of It is also helpful if you place next to or below the logo to link to your website. Customers can now inform themselves even later about your offers, for example, if they use the disposable camera.

  •  Up to 1.200 disposable cameras manufactured in Germany
  •  Delivery time up to max. 25 working days
  •  Only from 3.000 disposable cameras we can produce in China (16 weeks delivery time)
  •  Interesting Season prices from 100 pcs.
  •  Express Delivery: from 1.200 – Delivery time 5 – 25 days depending on the number in  production in Germany.

A disposable camera for promotion and advertising is a good idea, which is accepted by the customer and always happy to find a high heel. Take advantage of the promotional disposable camera as a gift for your clients and let them individually or with your company’s colors, with your logo
printed with other information about your firm. We offer delivery of a disposable camera for promotion and advertising, or a disposable camera as a promotional item, a disposable camera for events or a disposable camera as a giveaway in very high quantities. So you have for several days at the fair a good supply. When you order from us a customized promotional disposable camera in a quantity of up to 3.000, we manufacture this for yourself on the spot. In this case, you can benefit from the advantage of a very short delivery time of only 1 -25 working days, until the cameras are available to you. Of course you can also order much larger amounts of disposable camera for promotion and advertising, as a promotional item as a giveaway or for special events. In this case, we give the production of disposable cameras to China. Here, the production and delivery time takes into Germany 16 weeks. For the one or other firm but too long. Therefore we have created the company with our production company the possibility of EXPRESS-production, where it produces in 5 to 25 days, depending on the number of disposable cameras the goods in Germany by us bekommen.Auch here, you benefit from particularly favorable conditions. Take also interesting from our volume discounts. From only 1 camera, you can order from us your disposable cameras for many different purposes.


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All disposable cameras are created by our company

Print by GERMANY exkl. Mwst. inkl. Mwst.
je Stück ab 1 Exemplar 6,68 EUR 7,95 EUR
je Stück ab 100 Exemplare 6,47 EUR 7,70 EUR
more than 500 Cams  please call.

from 1.200 pcs. Manufacture in China or in Germany

Available for 1-5.000 Cams in 1 – 25 working days in Germany, depending on the number.

                                       Printing by CHINA call us.                

Delivery time: 5 – 25 working days in Germany – depending on the number!

Upon delivery of 1.000 copies please request! 

On the design of the disposable cameras you have a large impact. They can be individually printed on both the front and on the back. Very well suited to your company’s colors. You can also opt for bright colors and generally these with your logo. In this case, your logo fits particularly well appreciated when it was printed, for example, with thick black letters on a signal color. Align the design of promotional disposable camera even after the event to which you want to distribute it. Do you want to be a disposable camera as a giveaway in order, it can be made ​​very quiet loud on striking, because you want the attention even towards your business. If you distribute disposable cameras to your employees, because they intended to use the cameras as a disposable camera company, you should not do without the logo, but make the background a little more simple. Be guided by your imagination and your imagination when it comes to designing your disposable camera. If this is new to you, we will advise you.

                                         Here you’ll see look like a promotional disposable camera.


All disposable cameras, which you can order from us, have full functionality. The customer can take photos with them and develop the film can. So it is not just a pointless giveaway, but a small camera makes when sufficient light even really good pictures. As a disposable camera for events it is also so good is because the customer immediately has the opportunity to record with the camera. The camera has a film loaded than 27 he ISO 400 color film and a full battery, so that it can immediately be initiated. Those who forgot his camera at the show or the event will be delighted with the giveaway of your company in particular. It is a free gift, which does not end up somewhere in the nearest trashcan, but with one to benefit. You also do not only the recipient, but also more customers by advertising print attention.